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För Svensk Squash Framåt
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It's time to bring Swedish squash forward again, for real. We have to think in new directions, but without your support it is not possible. The Swedish Squash Association invites you to be part of a movement where everyone is passionate about squash and wants to support the march forward to be where it should be… in the fine rooms of sports. Here you will regularly find important projects that need your support.

We already see many really good and fun initiatives today, but that is not enough. On the one hand, these initiators need better support to continue their outstanding work, and on the other hand, there are many new ideas and dreams that should be realized. Wouldn't it be fun if we got some speed and energy in Swedish squash again and also… we really need your support.

If you want to be a sponsor or donor, you can also be involved and decide which initiatives you think are important to support. But there are also other ways to support the movement. Just by giving us "likes" and sharing posts gives us greater opportunities. Many of you have good networks and good contacts you can help us with. Lending your skills, giving us ideas and constructive input is also a good way to give us support.

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