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What to expect in a demo?

A demo will provide you a personalized guide on how to use our solution for communicating your value and purpose to sponsors and your community.


1. Set up your profile

We'll help you set a profile that engage and attract sponsorships.

2. Activate and engage your members

We'll help you find common interests within your community and set up succesful fundraisers

3. Set financial goals

We'll guide you on how to set milestones

4. Promote your activities

We'll guide you on how to make the most of your profile and fundraisers by explaining succesful use cases in detail

5. Gain exposure and visibility to sponsorships!

By reaching your club's goals you increase your value and attract more sponsorships. We'll show you how to communicate your success and value to sponsors!

6. Collaborate with ambassadors

We'll guide you on how to connect and set up successful collaborations!