Why I volunteer and so should you...

Harold Holding AB

Spending the christmas holiday together with your family is a wonderful thing but not an option for everyone. A few years back I had the opportunity to volunteer for the organization Jul i gemenskap in Sweden, every year since 10 years back they arrange a Christmas dinner for homeless and people in need in Stockholm, Sweden. Being a bit nervous about what to expect and also the fact I would be away from my family at christmas eve, had given me second thoughts to be honest. But I managed to keep thoose thoughts away, said goodbye to my family and arrived at the Immauel church and Jul i gemenskap sametime the snow began falling, creating a true christmas landscape. People from all over Stockholm had travelled to the church to find some caring kindness, food and a roof over the head. I could not believe how many they were, people without a home or a place to stay during Christmas eve. Together with other volunteers we served dinner, encouraged and gave our love to thoose who needed. Together we made a difference that evening. Giving myself and my time to others turned out to be the best christmas gift ever!