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FAQ – Donors

You have the questions, we have the answers

Here you’ll find a comprehensive list of questions you might have about Target Aid. If you don't find your question, please don't hesitate to get in contact with us.

Common questions

Can anyone donate?

Yes. Target Aid accepts donations from both private, organisational and company donors. Donor foundations and institutions that are not for-profit companies are also welcome to donate. In this case they should select the 'Company donation tab' during the donation check-out.  

Registered subscription users such as companies, sports organisations and fundraisers can also make donations using their Target Aid administration interface.

Do you have to have a registered Target Aid account in order to donate?

No. You can donate without having to register an account at Target Aid.

What payment options does Target Aid provide?

Credit cards, Swish (Sweden) and invoice (for registered companies and organisations). Payment options will increase when Target Aid expands to new countries to ensure alignment with local user preferences.

Does Target Aid earn any commissions from donations made?

No. Target Aid does not earn any commissions from donations made. Our payment service provider charges recipients of donations with a small fee for payment processing and transactions as well as for ensuring regulatory compliance. This fee varies from country to country (e.g. 5% for the Sweden).

Other questions