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FAQ – Fundraisers

You have the questions, we have the answers

Here you’ll find a comprehensive list of questions you might have about Target Aid. If you don't find your question, please don't hesitate to get in contact with us.

How do I set up my fundraiser account at Target Aid?

In a couple of minutes you are up and running. It's easy!

  1. Visit the create an account page, select an individual account
  2. Follow the simple registration process
  3. Login to personalise your Target Aid profile page
  4. Select your first cause and create your first fundraiser

How can I set up my first fundraiser to raise money for a cause?

It's very easy to set up an online fundraiser at Target Aid. Before you start you need to create an individual fundraiser account if you don't already have one. Once this is done you can follow the procedure explained in this short video.

FYI: There are two different types of fundraisers you can set up, and remember, they are both free:

  1. Fundraising events
  2. Standard online fundraiser

How can I promote my fundraiser using Target Aid?

Once you have setup and published your fundraiser on Target Aid you are ready to get to work promoting it to potential donors. In step 4 of your fundraising process you are provided with a number of simple communication tools for you to use to promote your fundraiser:

  • Post a link to the fundraiser in your social media channels
  • Widget and web banners to embed in online channels
  • A poster and flyers with embedded QR-code
  • Download QR-code to create your own promotional material

Is there a fee for creating a fundraiser with Target Aid?

No. It is free of charge for any individual user to create a fundraiser profile page at Target Aid. You can create as many fundraisers as you want on Target Aid. No limitations.

Target Aid does not earn any commission from donations made.

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