Target Aid as an Investment

With its competitive product portfolio, a scalable business model and a creative set to deliver new innovations, Target Aid provides essential means for a social and sustainable impact across the world.

Interview James Reason, CEO of Target Aid

By Matilda Kennet

The Link Magazine, Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the UK - September 2021 issue


Reaching Generation Z:

Matching company values with CSR

A question countless organisations ask themselves is ‘how do we reach the new generation?’ - a challenge that, for many, can feel like stumbling in the dark. According to James Reason, CEO of Target Aid, the answers are transparency, communication and gamification. ‘Generation Z holds a very high demand for transparency, is fast in decision-making and needs to be able to relate to your values. Therefore it is crucial to communicate with them in an engaging way.’

The Swedish fundraising platform Target Aid enables individuals, organisations and companies to donate to charity projects, as opposed to donating to a whole charity organisation - making it more transparent as to which specific project the money will go to. Alongside providing the platform, Target Aid also helps companies with their CSR-work.

‘The service opens the opportunity for small to medium sized companies operating in different fields to do targeted CSR-work by engaging in specific charity projects, fitting their focus areas and values’, says James Reason, CEO at Target Aid.

Generation Z and the importance of CSR

During the past couple of years Gen Z has proven to be very impactful when it comes to the reputation of a brand. With the generation having increased interest and a strong will to engage in societal issues, it is important that businesses do so as well to connect with the target group. ‘ As Gen Z is very fast in decision making, and also possesses a great power to completely ruin, or praise, your brand through social media platforms, it is important to recognise their driving forces to stay on their good side. Therefore, knowing your values, adapting your CSR-work accordingly and making sure you communicate them in a transparent way is crucial, regardless if you view them as a target group in consumer branding or employer branding’, says James.

For the new generation of employees, different aspects are considered when choosing a company to work for, as opposed to previous generations. For example, Gen Z wants to make sure they can personally stand by the company values before considering working for them. ‘It is so important to choose what to support as a company if you want to be true to your values, because again, Gen Z will not go for it otherwise, they will look for other companies.’

Gamification = engagement

Target Aid provides data, CSR-services, and specific tools for companies to visualise and communicate social responsibility in a gamified way. ‘It is a win-win situation both for companies and charities, where companies benefit for the good publicity it gives with greater return on engagement, and charities receive more donations,’ says James and continues: ’When it comes to gamification, we have seen that making the donation process more interactive equals more engagement. Which is the end-goal for both companies and charities’.

Target Aid keeps track of the amount of donations done, as well as total amount in value. When. A project is half way through to its target, all donors receive an e-mail. Making it easy to follow the progression. ‘With the possibility to share your engagement in a charity project on social media directly from our platform, we can not only keep track of how many shares a project gets, but also how many donations and how much money has been raised due to your specific share on your social media channels - in that way, it becomes really transparent how much impact your specific engagement has made in the progress to reach a charity goal’, says James.

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Principal needs

For companies

  • Increasing demand from markets, target groups and employees on companies to show social engagement   
  • More visibility and transparency regarding companies’ work with sustainability
  • Make CSR work simple, efficient and effective to drive impact and business value


For Sports Clubs & Federations

  • Financial challenges to fund activities and projects
  • Adopt new digital technologies to capture existing opportunities for funding of projects
  • Make fundraising and social engagement easy, efficient and effective


For NGOs

  • Respond to churn in monthly donors
  • Continuous external demands to reduce administrative cost for fundraising
  • Challenges to leverage new technologies to meet market demands and capture spontaneous giving

Our digital services

  • Create impact by supporting a specific cause
  • Choose from hundreds of different causes and NGOs
  • Build your own impact profile, drag and drop functionality from our backend
  • Create your own campaigns, CSR stories and events
  • Promote your CSR activities and make them go viral
  • Create your own cause together with an NGO of your choice
  • Track and measure the impact, share the results
  • Drive social and sustainable engagement among employees and other targeted stakeholder groups
  • Localize your social contribution and engagement


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