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Anhörigas Riksförbund
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The National Association of Relatives was founded in 1996 and is Sweden's only national organization that works to improve the living conditions of relatives regardless of the age or diagnosis of the close relative.

In our society, there are many who need help in everyday life due to disability, illness or old age. Often it is a relative who takes over where the care of the public community ends, all to give the needy a good life. In fact, about 75% of all care and care provided in Sweden is provided by a relative. We think that this is basically something good, as long as it is done of free will, but that it should be surrounded by support from society. Helping, supporting or caring for a needy family member, relative or friend should not have negative consequences for one's own health and life situation.

The National Association of Relatives is a politically and religiously independent interest organization that

works to ensure that those who are relatives are in a good position to help their relatives. At the same time, we want to ensure that the relatives themselves have the opportunity to live a good life. Society must not profit from people's love, feelings of responsibility and goodwill. The overall goal of the National Association of Relatives is to:

  • Support relatives in their situation and safeguard their interests and thereby contribute to a better quality of life for relatives and relatives.

  • Work for the formation of local associations and support them in their activities.

  • Influence society so that the situation of relatives is noticed and valued.

  • Through educational and information initiatives, achieve greater understanding and evaluation of relatives' work.

  • Participate in and promote current research and development in the field of caregivers nationally and internationally.

The National Association of Relatives today consists of almost 5,000 members in about 50 local associations, a federal board and an office. Most members are connected to the National Association of Relatives via a local association, but it is also possible to join the association directly. The National Association of Relatives is growing and the issues we pursue are becoming increasingly visible in the media. At the same time, there is a great need for more people to get involved in our movement and help us fight for the rights of our relatives! Everyone can become a member of the National Association of Relatives.