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Dandelion Africa
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Dandelion Africa is an NGO (non-governmental organization). The organization's vision is to spread knowledge, awareness and to encourage commitment. This is done by creating sustainable and long-term solutions to improve and enable political influence, health and livelihoods for women and young people in marginalized areas of Kenya. Dandelion Africa works in several parts of Kenya with a focus on areas around Nakuru, Baringo and Kajiado South.

Dandelion Africa Sweden is a non-profit association that was formed in 2012. The association consists of a board, active members and volunteers who work together to support and promote Dandelion Africa's work on site in Kenya and in Sweden. Since 2019, Dandelion Africa Sweden has an approved 90 account that is controlled via Swedish fundraising control.

Feel free to support our work by becoming a member and monthly donor. More information can be found on our website: https://dandelionafrica.se/medlem/