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Ellas Hjältar
Targetaid Ellas Hjältar 1220X960

Catja and her daughter Ella have always been close to each other and happiness was great when it was time for little sister to make an entrance. But nothing went as planned. The birth became dramatic, Catja was about to lose her life and the injuries she received were permanent. The idea for Ella's heroes was born when they saw a television program about children who were having a hard time. Ella was like engrossed.

Our vision is to give the children an easier everyday life with the aids they need, but also to give the children good memories that take them through tough times. We also help children who live with a sibling who has been affected. These children often have to stand aside as it takes a lot of time to take care of the other sibling. Together they are heroes and we want to thank them for this. Dream days, idol meetings, activities and more - the list can be long. We listen to everyone's dreams and together we make your day unforgettable.