About us

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Erikshjälpen wants, with children's dreams as a driving force and tool, to be involved and change the world. Through efforts for education, health and the right to security and protection, we give children and young people around the world help and the opportunity to dare to dream about the future. Together with our partner organizations, we want to give children the opportunity to be seen and taken seriously.

The operations cover more than 20 countries and take place together with 70 partner organizations in about 100 projects. Erikshjälpen primarily works in countries and regions where the need is greatest and the presence of other development assistance actors is limited.

Erikshjälpen has a 90-account that guarantees that the gifts are used correctly. The operations are controlled by the Swedish Fundraising Control, which allows a maximum of 25 percent to be used for fundraising and administration. Erikshjälpen's overhead costs are low. In 2014, collection and administration costs were 10 percent of total revenue.