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Föreningen för Gatubarn i Nepal
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The Association of Street Children in Nepal is a non-profit association that raises money to arrange permanent housing for street children or children at risk of ending up on the streets of Nepal. In that work, we prioritize girls as the risk of trafficking is very high for them.

Furthermore, the association will pay for education for children and young people, as well as provide food for children who are still living on the streets.

As part of reducing maternal mortality, the association has on a small scale begun the work of training midwives. The education is given to young girls from poor families who do not have the opportunity for higher education.

Our work in Nepal is small-scale and is done with a long-term perspective. We work for sustainability rather than quantity and want to contribute to the development of poor Nepal. All money raised goes directly to our operations in Nepal. All work in the association in Sweden takes place on a non-profit basis and we have very low administrative costs, such as fees for our 90-account, bank fees and authorized public accountant.

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