About us

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The association Fritidshjälpen was started as a completely non-profit association in December 2013. The association's main focus is to emphasize paying attention at an early stage to individuals and their families who live in a financially strained situation. By having read various research reports and years of own work with children and young people, we have been able to state that the consequences of children and young people's influence in exclusion are great. Living in exclusion, also called social exclusion, significantly increases the risks of ending up in mental illness, crime and substance abuse. Finding paths that provide other conditions through long-term meaningful leisure time can create change, both in the short and long term.

How can we help?

The association Fritidshjälpen is today built up in different parts. We have, among other things, a grant component, an activity store and a strong collaboration with culture, associations and entrepreneurs in various municipalities in Sweden. Together, we focus on offering meaningful leisure time in association or cultural life. It creates the best conditions for achieving our purpose with the support we can provide. We see the importance of creating a long-term affiliation and its positive effects it has on health as one of our biggest goals. In addition to our website, we are in other social media and channels. You can also find us on twitter, instagram or via our facebook page.