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Insamlingsstiftelsen för IVF
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The purpose of the foundation shall be to provide grants to private individuals for IVF treatment. Grants can be given to women and men over the age of 25, in order to receive a grant, a certificate from a gynecology clinic, county council or fertility clinic is required if IVF treatment is needed. Furthermore, special support for education, development and research can be provided for the purpose. Support can either be paid as a financial contribution or the foundation handing over a gift. ”

Today, more than 13,000 IVF treatments are performed in Sweden per year. As a result, around 4,000 children are born.

In vitro fertilization, or IVF as it is now called, is a way for involuntarily childless couples to become parents. There are different methods used, there is no method that is better than another method. Without it, it is always the clinic that makes an assessment after the first investigation that takes place.

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