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Kristna Fredsrörelsen
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For peace with non-violence as a guiding light

The Christian Peace Movement is a popular movement that works for peace and justice. Our mission is to work for a world free from violence, whether in the form of war, oppression or injustice.

We believe that peace is the path to peace. That is why we work with non-violence as a guiding light. But non-violence is much more than just a method, it is also our goal, our identity and vision. A common way of expressing the meaning of non-violence is "to create peace by peaceful means"; a real peace, based on justice and human rights.

Peace is more than the absence of violence, which is why the Christian Peace Movement works not only for general disarmament, but also for the protection of human rights defenders and non-violent education. Non-violence is based on the belief in the equal value and dignity of all human beings. It is about meeting people with respect and striving for dialogue and cooperation.

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