About us

LP-verksamhetens Ideella Riksförening
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We are an organization that works with people in vulnerability and exclusion. We have treatment homes and support and motivation homes in several places across the country, on a Christian basis. We have about 80 local contacts across the country, framework agreements with 230 of 290 municipalities, framework agreements with the prison service. Our summer conferences are well attended. We visit prisons, prisons, out in the field, outpatient care. We have a care chain with very good results where we look after the whole person. Work with women, young adults and young people is growing and developing through Debora and LP-Grow, among others. If we can help a person, it will have an effect and we will often see established families and relationships. We believe that this work is needed now more than ever in society. If you want to be part of this work, you can give a gift to LP-Riks, to Hjälpkassan where we are involved and support people where there is no hope anymore, to work among women we call Debora or to LP-Grow, our youth work. Thanks in advance!