About us

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The Norwegian Neurological Association (formerly the National Association of the Neurologically Handicapped) is Sweden's first interest organization specializing in neurology. Our mission is to satisfy and represent the interests of our members in everything we do. Our vision is a society without A and B teams where people with a neurological diagnosis have the same opportunities and rights as everyone else. We stand for zest for life, full participation and strong faith in the future. The Norwegian Neurological Association started in 1957 and has about 13,000 members in about 90 local associations spread across Sweden. We represent a large number of diagnoses and support and follow cutting-edge research in neurology.

Neurological diseases are not always visible.
Still, there is a high risk that someone in your family has or will be affected. Common are MS, stroke and Parkinson's, but the list is unfortunately longer than that. The frightening truth is that neurological diseases cost society as much as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer combined. Meanwhile, life goes on.

Even diseases have an everyday life.
People with neurological diagnoses want to be able to pick up the children in kindergarten, carry the home food from the store, go to the country on holiday - they want to live and love like everyone else. We at the Norwegian Neurological Association collect money for research on the diseases and the progress is great. But we also do everything we can so that victims can have a functioning everyday life. The need is endless and we would like to do more - if we had the resources.