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Rädda Regnskog
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The association Rädda Regnskog is a non-profit association based in Sweden. We work to protect tropical forests in Latin America and support local communities in the vicinity of the forest. We also want to offer an opportunity for symbolic gifts in the form of rainforest. Our projects are selected with great care.

Rainforest covers about seven percent of the world's land area, but is believed to be home to well over half of the earth's species. We do not really know, simply because we have no idea how many species of living organisms there are on earth. We probably do not even have the names of a tenth of them. Most are insects! Of the vascular plants, one of the groups of organisms we know best, 70% of the species are found in the tropical forests.
For example, in Ecuador, researchers have found 245 species of trees per hectare (100 * 100 meters). In all of Sweden there are only about 40 native tree species! Plant and animal species are interdependent in complex interactions, and they are the ones that provide us with the ecological services that you can read about below. Without biodiversity, ecosystems will not function. When rainforest disappears, species become extinct forever, and we do not know what the consequences will be.

Read more about Save Rainforest's work at www.raddaregnskog.se