About us

Riksorganisationen för ett Drogfritt Sverige
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Our vision is to protect children and young people from drugs so they can grow up drug-free and healthy and achieve their goals.

We are an apolitical and non-religious organization that has since the start in 1992 worked drug prevention among children and young people in Sweden. We have visited over 200 municipalities and lectured to hundreds of thousands of children and young people. We visit schools around the country with our popular I SAY NO DRUGS lectures and also provide drug information that is teacher-friendly and youth-friendly.

Our lectures provide the knowledge and motivation that young people need today.
We work with the aim that young people should make their own independent decision to live drug-free.

“I thought the lecture was the best I have heard and will hear, and I have made the decision to never take drugs. IT WAS REALLY GOOD!!!"

The lectures are therefore adapted to young people with a youthful language, without difficult words and with a touch of humor. Over 45,000 positive statements from young people show that we are succeeding!

Our work is possible thanks to contributions from individuals, companies and foundations.

Kind regards from us

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