About us

Stiftelsen Barnforskningen vid Astrid Lindgrens Barnsjukhus
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Each of us can gild someone's childhood.

Astrid Lindgren took the children seriously. Listened to them, gave them time, love and commitment. She told them about life, without embellishment and without intimidation. Her written words aroused power, comforted and changed the world.

We are not magical storytellers like Astrid Lindgren, but we have the opportunity to change the reality for children who suffer from diseases at an early age. Our foundation supports researchers who work daily to give sick children a healthier life. Which daily makes a difference.

"If I have managed to gild a single gloomy childhood, I am satisfied," the author once said. It's a vision that each of us can share, and that you can share and fulfill by donating to our 90s account; plusgiro 900014-2, bankgiro 5186-4593 or via swish, 123 900 01 42.

Our money raised goes to research to prevent children from suffering from serious and chronic diseases and which can help those affected at an early age. With your large or small contribution, you can gild the everyday life of these children and their families - but also change society at large.