Together we can make the world a better place

We at Target Aid are always open to new partners striving to make the world a better place, may it be through a local, national or international engagement. 

Whether you are a company, NGO, sports club or association, sports profile, singer, fundraiser or donor, in search for a partner to widen and deepen your impact and engagement, you have found your match! 

A partnership with Target Aid would excel your business, empower your stakeholders and at the same time drive positive sustainable social, economic and environmental impact.

Our vision is to achieve a fully sustainable and socially just world, empowered by the joint forces of truly committed people, companies, and NGOs. 

Effective and successful

Target Aid works with you to create a shared value partnership, compelling marketing initiatives and engaging employees. By partnering with Target Aid, you can integrate our digital tools and solutions into your digital infrastructure making your CSR or fundraising work easy, effective and successful.

Are you interested in hearing more about our business models? Do you have a business model that requires more than a CSR strategy?

Tailor-made solutions

We at Target Aid develop tailor-made solutions with partners enabling them to integrate part of their business model with ours. Our business model provides content to third party platforms such as e-commerce, bonus award systems and social media.

Our partners benefit from strengthened brand, increased sales, engaged employees, empowered stakeholders, and a boost in customer loyalty and access to key global market knowledge and expertise.

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