Influencers are one of the target groups to whom Target Aid offers digital tools, to both fundraise and to create events. This is why we are excited about the partnership with the company Charity Rebels, as they work with influencers who wish to raise funds and activate their followers for a specific cause.

Charity Rebels uses the Target Aid Platform to offer the influencers a wide variety of causes to choose from. In the past year, Charity Rebels has carried out several campaigns where each campaign has generated both awareness and fundraising for many NGOs on our platform.

By participating in the campaigns set up by Charity Rebels on the Target Aid digital platform, followers have the chance to win a prize, whilst at the same time donating and spreading awareness for the cause.

Do you want to support your influencers in their path to social engagement, and help them in a coordinated way fundraise and market the results in your channels in a simple way?


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