’’We really appreciate and value our partnership with Target Aid. Right from the first meeting, we felt that we have the same values and positioning to help sports clubs with their challenges to simplify, digitize and make fundraising secure with our solution." 

– Rikard Sjöholm, CEO of Digitala Lagkassan 

Target Aid welcomes Digitala Lagkassan as a partner, and continues its joint efforts to simplify fundraising for the Swedish sports movement. Through an integration of the digital tools from Target Aid into Digitala Lagkassan’s platform, all Digital Lagkassan users have full access to the technology and services from Target Aid. The digital tools from Target Aid enable the sports teams and associations to fundraise to their own causes, communicate the values they support ​​as well as activate existing sponsorships with the help of a social engagement.

Do you want to support your network and clients in their path to social engagement, and help them in a coordinated way fundraise and market the results in a simple way? 


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