Mastercard partnered with Target Aid and formed the campaign #foridrotten together with World Childhood Foundation, Ocean Outdoors and Locker Room Talk

Mastercard has, with its great campaign #foridrotten, decided to partner with Target Aid. Both parties see this as the perfect match as Mastercard aims to support local sports associations to raise funds and to market this in an easy and effective way. In this exciting partnership, Target Aid provides the digital platform, tools and solutions to enable Mastercard's mission.

”We, at Mastercard, partnered with Target Aid, see the potential of our mutual outreach to support local sports associations and federations all over Sweden, as this would enable the continuation of sports practices and exercises under safe circumstances without the risk of infections.”

”Sports associations have been affected globally negatively when games and events have been forced to be cancelled as a consequence to the pandemic Covid-19. With fö, we wanted to make it easy for sports associations and federations to fundraise and create campaigns in order to raise money as well as offer easy and safe channels to make donations. This is part of our social engagement.” – Mastercard, Erik Guttwasser

Do you want to support your network and clients in their path to social engagement, and help them in a coordinated way fundraise and market the results in a simple way?


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