We at Target Aid are serious in our commitment to meet the increased demands on compliance as well as controlled and safe payment solutions. It is therefore a natural for Target Aid to partner with Pennybridge AB as a supplier of compliance, transaction flows and payment solutions, meeting the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority’s requirements and rules regarding payment services and money transfer.

”We have chosen to partner with Pennybridge as we at Target Aid are firm in our conviction to use payment solutions which counter money laundering and terrorist financing. We want to offer our clients the best there is on the market, and this is why we are extremely pleased about teaming up with Pennybridge.” – James Reason, CEO Target Aid.

Our partnership is furthermore also about working closely together to facilitate both for our donors, affiliated organizations and companies. Among other things, we work continuously together to increase and broaden our portfolios of causes that our donors and users can support and collaborate with. In addition, we are looking at how we can introduce new payment alternatives that meet the needs of our users and leverage new emerging technologies in the fintech area. It's all about optimizing our users' value creation and experience through close collaboration.


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