The Swedish Squash Federation is the national organisation for squash in Sweden and was founded in 1965. It creates the conditions for practices developing and experiencing squash in Sweden and representing the sport internationally. 

The partnership between Target Aid and the Swedish Squash Federation aims to strengthen the federation’s ability to finance its projects and activities, communicate values and activate existing sponsorships with the help of a social commitment. 

Target Aid provides a platform and technology for future national team activities to further strengthen the Swedish Squash Federation’s relationship with existing corporate sponsors, in the search for greater impact for all parties.

”The Swedish Squash Federation is proud to present Target Aid as new sponsor and partner in a win-win collaboration. Projects that require funding will be posted on the Target Aid platform. Through our media channels we will market Target Aid towards our member clubs.”

- Thomas Svensson, Chairman, Swedish Squash Federation

Are you a sports federation searching to find new corporate sponsors as well as looking to strengthen your federation’s relationship with existing sponsors, securing long-term funding? Are you a company, donor or a fundraiser wanting to support sport associations, clubs and members in their path to social engagement, and help them to fundraise and market the results? 

In partnering with Target Aid you will have easy access to the digital tools you need.


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