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Some of the features

Targetaid Icons Project 100X100

Choose your own causes

All CSR causes are matched with UN Sustainable Development Goals
Targetaid Icons Events 100X100

Create and support events

Let your participants register, buy tickets and get reminders
Targetaid Icons Stories 100X100

Show the world your CSR stories

Publish your stories, add images and movies and go viral.
Targetaid Icons Fundraiser 100X100

Do something fundraiser

Make your dreams come true with this magic unicorn tool

How our tools can add value for you - NGOs

Targetaid Icons Marketing Design 100X100 Tp

Create posters and flyers

Create your own posters and flyers to use in your campaigns and events.
Targetaid Icons Qr Code 100X100 Tp

Generate QR-codes

Add QR-codes to your marketing material for a simpler giving.
Targetaid Icons Banner 100X100 Tp

Create banners

Design your own banners for use in holiday campaigns or in company partnerships.
Targetaid Icons Updates 100X100 Tp

Give instant feed-back

Keep your donors up to date by providing instant updates on your projects.
Targetaid Icons Stories 100X100

Share your stories

Write about your work, your successes, your challenges and make it come to life with pictures and videos.
Targetaid Icons Fundraiser 100X100


Let your ambassadors, influencers and followers create their own crowdfunding for your causes.
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Watch the movie to see how it works

Choose between hundreds of causes from more than 164 NGOs
See all NGOs

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How to get started - Sports

With a few simple steps you are up and running in a few minutes

How our tools can add value for you - Sports

Some of our most popular features for sport organisations
Targetaid All In One Place 100X100 Tp

All fundraising at one place

Easy access and visibility of all your fundraisers.
Targetaid Icons Sponsorship 100X100 Tp

Attract sponsorship

Be visible to new donors and find new partners.
Targetaid Icons Sponsorship 100X100 Tp (1)

Engage sponsors

Engage your sponsors with our simple tools.
Targetaid Icons Local Community 100X100 Tp

Engage your local community

Make sure your local community feels the connection.
Targetaid Icons Ask People 100X100 Tp

Ask the right people to donate

Reach out to members in different sections of your club.
Targetaid Icons Events 100X100

Register and promote your games and events

Create flyers, posters and QR-codes to make your events seen.