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Corporate partnerships

Does the perfect partnership exist and how do you attract them?

The Perfect partnership

To find that perfect corporate partnership is every NGO´s dream. Preferably it should be long-term, not earmarked and with a company who let you decide what to do without meddling. And you should not have to do any reporting. Does a partnership like that exist? The answer is no. But there are ways to find partnerships that will be a perfect match, and as such will be very easy to work with. In fact, many companies are not interested in short term or one time donations, nor do they want long and elaborate reporting.


How to find the (almost) perfect partnership

So what do you need to do to attract that (almost) perfect donor? First of all, you need to change the way NGOs traditionally think. NGOs usually shy away from ear marked donations. However, this is what companies want. They want to be engaged and feel close to their chosen cause and they want to be able to ‘follow the money’. We know that this often entails quite a bit of administration on the part of the NGO. Sometimes you will even say no to donations because the work required and the administration involved is simply too much. 


How to keep your donors engaged

The Target Aid platform was created with this in mind. Our tools will let you pamper companies and earmark donations without all that extra work. By uploading a project you will attract partners who wish to earmark funding. You decide how much you need and when the project should be terminated. You can even create milestones to let your donors know how their donation is put to use. Through the platform you will be able to let you donors follow the progress of funding raised and do direct reporting,