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Common questions

Who is Target Aid platform and tools for?

Target Aid is a digital market place where donors, fundraisers, companies, NGOs and sports organisations find each other and build relationships, creating a greater impact together:

  • NGOs raise funds to drive a greater impact
  • Sports organisations seek support for social impact
  • Companies support and communicate sustainable efforts
  • Donors drive impact through targeted donations
  • Active supporters join events for a good cause
  • Local heros raise funds for projects and causes close to their hearts

I cannot find the non-profit organisation I want to support, what can I do?

We welcome all non-profit organisations to join Target Aid. Many have decided to join, but not all. Maybe the non-profit organisation you have in mind has not signed up yet or they are already on their way, but not yet visible on Target Aid.

Let us know who you want to support and we will help them onboard them on the platform. Visit our contact us page and send us a message with your suggested non-profit organisation.

You can also guide the NGO or sports association you have in mind to our website where they can get informed, sign up and start their onboarding to Target Aid 

How is Target Aid committed and set up to help the NGO community?

Target Aid was founded on the idea that you should be able to do good while also creating revenue. Target Aid is deeply committed to helping the NGO community raise more funds for their causes, lower operating costs as well as remove barriers for them to digitalize their fundraising efforts. That is why most of the tools and features are free of charge for them and also very easy to use. Our tools will help them drive both effectiveness as well as efficiency. In other words - more money for the cause.

How does Target Aid benefit from the platform?

Target Aid is a for-profit company. We generate revenue when our users subscribe to our paid plans and features. We also generate revenue by offering our content to other digital platforms aligned with our vision, mission and values. 

Most of our functionality is free of charge for NGOs, donors and individual fundraisers, while other market segments need to pay for most of the functionality designed for them. Target Aid does not earn any commissions from donations made.

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