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How you can create impact and value with our tools and features

The unique Target Aid solution toolbox provides you with hundreds of innovative and valuable features to create value from.
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Share your sustainability focus and activities

Your impact profile, content pages and embedded promotional tools provide transparent, effective and cost-efficient communication.
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Arrange events with impact

Market your event! Choose cause, attract participants, sell tickets, enable donations, track the effect and follow-up with participants.
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Engage your employees, supporters or customers

Foster values for sustainability, inclusion and meaning by engaging stakeholder groups in projects, storytelling, fundraising and events.
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Make your stories go viral

Publish stories on how your efforts are making contributions for a more sustainable world. Add images and movies and go viral!
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Find new or boost existing partnerships

Create joint sustainable projects or events with a Company, NGO or sports club of your choice. Share your outcome and stories!
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Increase donations with peer-2-peer fundraising

Let others with passion for your cause help you raise funds through personalized online crowd-funding and fundraising events.
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Customize donation and event ticket options

Adapt donation and ticket options to your audience to tailor user experience and optimize your own return.
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Efficient and customer-orineted donor care

Leverage integrated communication tools enabling recurring, customer-centric, efficient donor care.
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Make sustainability part of your user experience

Use digital Target Aid technology and content to integrate tools for CSR and fundraising into your digital environments.
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Simple and user-friendly administration

Our user-friendly back-end application gives administrators an end-2-end control of their presence and activities on Target Aid.