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Civil Rights Defenders
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Civil Rights Defenders is Sweden's international human rights organization which was founded in 1982 and today works on four continents around the world.

We are an independent expert organization (mostly human rights lawyers and journalists) with the aim of defending human rights, and in particular civil and political rights, and strengthening vulnerable human rights defenders.

We work in some of the world's most repressive countries and regions where we, together with local forces, fight for long-term and sustainable change. We are also active in Sweden to take responsibility for human rights also at home.

To bring about change, we work at several levels of society:
- We monitor government agencies and demand responsibility, justice and redress when people's fundamental rights have been violated.
- We inform people about their rights and conduct advocacy work against decision-makers to draw attention to the issues.
- We strengthen local human rights defenders by contributing knowledge, training and support.