About us

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Laughter is good for health.

It reduces stress levels, anxiety, pain and strengthens the immune system. But sometimes those who need to laugh the most are the same people who have the hardest time pulling on the smiley face. It can be quite easy to keep from laughing in a ward with sick children. That is why we exist - the hospital clowns in Skåne.

In the hospitals, the clowns not only meet the children and their families, we also meet people in the entrance halls, lifts and corridors. The presence of the hospital clowns creates a very special feeling of joy and humanity that affects the whole atmosphere. In an environment where children can be ill and depressed, it is extra important to de-dramatize certain events. When mom and dad may behave differently, when all sampling hurts, when the room and smells are unfamiliar, a meeting with the hospital clowns can bring laughter and relieve stress and anxiety.