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Do Good - Feel Good! We invite you to join us on a journey for human rights, against human trafficking and oppression.

Do Good Now works to combat human trafficking for commercial, sexual purposes. We do this by
- offer a safe home and education to vulnerable children
disseminate information on the demand for trafficking in human beings
- help for self-help through training programs

Trafficking in human beings is a global problem. The demand for people for commercial and sexual purposes occurs in all parts of the world. Children are particularly vulnerable. According to Ecpat, the UN agency against trafficking in children, millions of minors are exploited in the industry known as "Human Trafficking". Of these, 95 percent have experienced sexual exploitation.

Transit home for children in Nepal
Since 2010, Do Good Now has been working to sponsor sheltered housing, so-called transit homes, for affected children in Nepal. Do Good Now collaborates on site with the local organization ABC Nepal on three existing transit homes. A fourth is planned to be built in 2020 and 2021. In addition to the transit home, Do Good Now will also build a bed and breakfast where women who have been exploited in other countries can find work.
In 2020, Do Good Now received a so-called 90-account, which is a seal of quality for voluntary organizations that raise funds for charity.

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