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Drivkraft Ideell Förening
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Drivkraft is a mentoring activity aimed at students and their families in grades 6-9. We collaborate with schools that want mentorship and homework help and to our help we have volunteers from the public. The purpose is to inspire in various ways to improved opportunities in studies and future career choices, counteract truancy and catch students who in different ways need support.

The background to Drivkraft is, among other things, some students' difficulties in passing their schooling with approved grades. This is usually not because they lack capacity, but because for various reasons they do not fully use their resources or assimilate teaching in an optimal way. This may be a lack of adult support in the home, a lack of goals and drive, low self-confidence or simply a need to learn to structure and plan their school work. Driving force not only works in a school environment but also aims to give the student a meaningful leisure time.

Driving force is the carrot everyone needs, regardless of background and conditions. For many, the drive to manage school can be difficult enough as well as to enter the labor market. Through meetings between people, we learn about each other and can better understand each other's differences and similarities, we can also together help each other to find the driving force for both the individual and the city's development. We believe that we all benefit immensely from meeting new people and learning from each other. Driving force is an exchange of experience that we believe will enrich everyone who participates.