About us

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Sexual abuse of children takes place everywhere - in Sweden and globally, physically and online. ECPAT Sweden is a children's rights organization. Our client is each individual child and our mission is to ensure that children are not subjected to sexual exploitation. This is what we do:

  • ECPAT Hotline is our registration page where people can anonymously report suspected sexual exploitation of children. The tips allow us to send documentation to the police. As the only player in Sweden, we also download images of abuse and films of children from the internet and thereby reduce the suffering of the children who have been exposed.

  • We influence decision-makers to strengthen child protection in legislation

  • We work preventively and spread knowledge to children, young people and parents so that fewer children are exposed.

  • Through our guide, we provide advice and support to children and young people who have been subjected to sexual threats or abuse

We do all this in collaboration with authorities, companies and other organizations in Sweden and globally.