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From One To Another
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From One To Another is a non-profit, non-profit association. The purpose of the association is to provide financial support and support for education for girls in Kenya. We collaborate with host organizations on site where the girls go to school.

The association's strategy is to contribute to sustainable communities around these girls by creating centers that will provide support, advice and education to the girls' mothers. These then give their support back to their girls through their education so that the girls can then give back to their families and communities. In other words, "From One To Another". This is in the association's opinion "The circle of education".

The association's activities are opinion formation and fundraising through donation or sponsorship to provide scholarships for the girls' "High School" education. The association also provides its expertise and resources to ensure the long-term work both in Sweden with donations and sponsors and on site in the various places where we have taken responsibility for the above strategy.

Our strategy is to create a sustainable society that surrounds these girls by setting up centers for the mothers of girls to meet. The center offers support, guidance and training. From center to mother, from mother to daughter so that the daughter can give back to herself and her family. In other words from From One To Another.

The association's goal is for 90% of the girls who receive a scholarship to complete their education. This goal is followed up continuously by the board and the receiving organization

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