About us

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GIVEWATTS is driven by children's dreams and is supported by women's primordial strength.

Today, over 600 million people live in energy poverty in Africa. This means that more than 30 million families either have no light at all after dark or that they use kerosene lamps and open fires. Expensive, toxic and environmentally very bad energy sources. Children can not do their homework after dark, women spend up to 4 hours a day collecting fuel to cook, the forest disappears, and tons of CO2 are emitted per year.

With access to a solar cell lamp or a climate-smart stove, families save up to 40% of their income, children can do their homework, women do not have to spend so much time fetching firewood, and the forest remains. Families also get money for better food, medicine, menstrual protection, and may even save some money for life's tougher periods.

Since 2010, GIVEWATTS has distributed tens of thousands of solar cell lamps and climate-smart stoves, mainly in Kenya and Tanzania. We see that the children spend 32% more time doing their homework (we measure that) and their grades improve by between 15-20% the first 6 months they use the lights. Women save an average of 2 hours a day. A total of 3310 hectares of forest have not been cut down, and 184,000 tonnes of CO2 have not been emitted.

Contribute with a gift and help a family in Africa get better. For SEK 250 a month, you can help 6 families a year to gain access to climate-smart and sustainable energy. It makes a huge difference in their daily lives. They get a more dignified life and you both become climate heroes.