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MOD works to ensure that everyone who needs a transplant will receive it without unnecessary suffering. In Sweden, no one should have to die while waiting for an organ, which unfortunately happens today.

Sweden has one of the most positive populations in the world when it comes to the willingness to donate, but despite that, one person dies a week while waiting for organs. There is thus a system error in Sweden, which means that we end up far behind other countries when it comes to finding and identifying potential donors.

There are concrete proposals on how we could double the number of organ donors in Sweden, and give more people the opportunity to donate and thereby save lives. MOD works to:

  • We must become better at respecting a yes to donation, which is not done today.

  • We want organ donation to be a natural part of healthcare, which it is not today.

  • We want to introduce DCD in order to respect the wishes of more people (DCD means donation after circulatory death and means that more people can become organ donors in Sweden).

  • We want a renewed regulatory framework and clarity about which medical interventions may be initiated and extended to enable donation.

  • We want to eliminate the major regional differences that exist today.

  • We want to simplify living donation and introduce a national kidney exchange program.

  • We want no one to have to die while waiting for an organ in Sweden.

In other words, we want a Sweden where as many as possible who want to donate will have that opportunity.

MOD is today the leading player in the issue of organ donation in Sweden. Millions of people have been reached by our messages and thousands have gone from word to deed and taken a stand on organ donation.

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