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Nordens Ark
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Nordens Ark is a private non-profit foundation that works to preserve endangered animals and give them a future. The world's biodiversity is impoverished at an ever faster rate. We risk losing three-quarters of the earth's species if nothing is done. The purpose of Nordens Ark is to save endangered animals and the work is just as important today as when the foundation started 30 years ago.

Breeding work, research and education are conducted at Åby manor in Bohuslän. The zoo is open to visitors all year round. A large part of the business is located in fields outside the facility, both in Sweden and abroad. The Nordic Ark Foundation's vision is for endangered species to reach viable populations in their natural environments and for biological diversity to be preserved. The foundation's activities shall promote biological diversity through:

· Breeding and rearing, release of animals into their natural environments whenever possible and active efforts in the field

· Research and studies of the animals on the farm and thus contribute to an increased knowledge of animals and promote the species' chances of survival

· To be used as an educational resource at different levels such as primary school, high school, college and university

· To be available to the public and thereby increase interest and knowledge about the importance of biodiversity and nature conservation work

Nordens Ark's goal is to create the conditions required for endangered species to be found in sustainable populations in the wild. Breeding and breeding activities are a central and important part of our conservation work. Over the years, Nordens Ark has built up a unique knowledge regarding the breeding of endangered species for re-release in the wild. For release into the wild, Nordens Ark breeds a number of endangered species, including white-backed woodpecker, mountain goose, green-spotted toad, greater oak buck and broad-banded oak bark buck.

An increasingly important part of Nordens Ark's operations is conservation work directly in the species' habitat. The work can consist of fauna protection, restoration of habitats, provide resources for monitoring populations and the development of methods for population estimation and educational efforts for increased awareness and understanding among the local population. Nordens Ark works, among other things, to preserve snow leopards in Mongolia, Amur tigers in the Russian Far East and red pandas in Nepal.

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