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A worldwide movement for children's rights

Plan International's goal is to achieve long-term, positive development for children worldwide. We want to contribute to building strong societies where children avoid discrimination, violence and exclusion. We always put the children at the center.

We work with a clear focus on helping girls, as they are particularly vulnerable in many developing countries. Precisely because they are girls, their schooling is not a priority and instead they are married off at an early age, become pregnant while they themselves are children, are exposed to violence or are forced to take care of the household.
This is both a violation of girls' human rights and a huge waste of resources.

# 62 million girls are not allowed to go to school.
# More than 47,000 girls are forced into child marriage every day.
# Over 3 million girls aged 4-11 years are genitally mutilated every year.

Our work is based on needs defined by children and their families at the local level. We involve children, parents, schools, religious leaders and other stakeholders to bring about lasting change. Plan International's staff are almost exclusively locally employed.

Plan International Sweden is part of the global children's rights organization Plan International with operations in 73 countries around the world. We are politically and religiously independent and all our work is based on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.