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With our 140 volunteers, Big Sister is Sweden's largest support organization for those who have been sexually abused. We hold more than 5,000 support conversations annually with people who otherwise would not have had anyone to turn to. We accept everyone regardless of gender identity from 13 years and up who has been raped or other sexual abuse. We also offer support to relatives. Big sister has the whole of Sweden as a catchment area and works actively to counteract sexual violence through supportive and knowledge-raising initiatives.

Big Sister offers conversational support, support groups, chat services, accompanying support and legal advice. We organize educations and drive opinion with the vision of an equal society free from sexual violence.

Big sister has a 90-account and our business is controlled by the Swedish Fundraising Control.

Website: www.storasyster.org

Bankgiro: 900-6792

Swish: 900 67 92