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Suicide Zero
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Every year, close to 1,600 people take their lives in Sweden. It's four a day. The statistics hide parents, siblings, children, neighbors, colleagues and friends. Every year, tens of thousands are told that someone they know has taken their own life. We can save most of them.

Suicide Zero is a non-partisan and non-religious, member-run non-profit organization that, since 2013, has been working towards a zero vision for suicide in Sweden. This is done by forming an opinion, influencing decision-makers, increasing knowledge about suicide and reducing the stigma of mental illness. By making suicide visible and working preventively, we can break taboos and save lives. Suicide does not stop because we close our eyes and remain silent.

Suicide Zero is a member of the industry association Giva Sverige and is controlled by the Swedish Fundraising Control and has a 90-account.