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WaterAid's vision is a world where all people everywhere have clean water, toilets and hygiene.
By supporting WaterAid, you save lives by helping more people in the world get clean water and toilets.

Since WaterAid was formed, we have reached over 26 million people with clean water. But despite this, 844 million people in the world still lack clean water - which has terrible consequences. Every day, 800 children die from diarrheal diseases caused by dirty water.

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In many societies, girls and women are responsible for fetching water. Around the world, girls and women spend 152 million hours fetching water, every day. But when there is clean water in a nearby water source, time is freed up which they can instead use to laugh, play and educate themselves.

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It's simple but true - clean water saves lives. Clean water helps young children survive the most critical period of life - the first five years, clean water gives mothers the best conditions to survive their births and it gives all people a better chance to avoid waterborne diseases such as typhus and diarrhea.