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We effect
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We Effect (formerly Cooperation Without Borders) is an aid organization that since 1958 has been thinking and acting long-term - for changes to last. Help for self-help is the guiding light in our development assistance work in 25 countries on four continents. Our vision is a fair and sustainable world free from poverty. Together with our member organizations and the people who support us, we work to create commitment, form opinion and gain support for long-term development work. The aim is for poor and vulnerable people to have a better life.

Our main areas of work are rural development, housing, gender equality and access to land. We know that together people will find new ways out of poverty and become a strong voice in society. That's why We Effect supports people to come together and gain new knowledge. The result is that more people get increased income, food on the table and dignified housing - and can take the step out of poverty for good. We always work with local organizations to ensure that the change lasts. And always based on the basic idea 'help for self-help'.