About us

Wikimedia Sverige

Wikimedia Sweden is a non-profit association with the aim of making knowledge freely available to all people, especially by supporting the Wikimedia Foundation's projects (such as Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons and Wikidata). Access to better information gives people unimagined opportunities and makes Sweden and the world more equal, fair and democratic.

Wikimedia Sweden supports all 287 different language versions of Wikipedia, but operates within Sweden's borders. We disseminate knowledge about these projects, make them easier to use, provide technical and legal support, promote their use, and support projects that are essential for the projects. Free knowledge means information that is permitted to be copied, reused and disseminated, including for commercial purposes, without costs or restrictions other than attribution. So everyone can benefit from our work.

To improve Wikipedia and contribute to more free knowledge, the association works in close collaboration with Wikipedia's community of voluntary contributors and runs numerous projects together with institutions, mainly museums, universities, schools and government agencies such as the National Heritage Board.

We need your help to make more knowledge free for everyone, all over the world!