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Inspiration - NGOs

Even simple ways of engaging your corporate partner can be difficult. Find your inspiration here!

Companies with a clear CSR strategy will attract talent and reduce employee turnover. Therefore, companies are looking for partners more fervently than before. To find a long-term corporate partner is a dream for many NGOs. However, this entails a lot of work and pampering. Through the Target Aid platform, we offer several solutions to assist you with this process.

Update your project reports on the platforms, instantly informing your partner of your progress. You can also communicate directly with your partner through the platform making your communication easy and accessible for all parties. 

Through Storytelling you will also enable your partner to take part of your other important work, potentially securing more funding and engagement.

Create a powerful campaign together with your partner with the help of our tools, making your partner an engaged part of the campaign from the beginning.

There are many more ways in which you can use our tools. Look through our platform for more ideas and inspiration.