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Inspiration - Sports

Impact for all might be difficult to achieve, find out how it can be done

When the Polish Olympic javelin silver medalist Maria Andrejczyk auctioned her medal to save a baby’s life, she made headlines all over the world. the convenience store Zabka, made even bigger headlines. They paid 125 000 USD for the medal, telling the javelin thrower she could keep the medal. 

Why do we tell you this story? Because had the auction taken place through the Target Aid platform, Maria Andrejczyk would have had her own Impact Profile telling her story, something which would be shareable with social medias. Anyone in the world reading her story, would have been able to donate with a few simple clicks. Likewise, Zabka could have had their own Company Impact Profile, sharing their part of the story, letting their customers take part of this inspirational saga. 

And the baby? He had the lifesaving surgery at Stanford, USA.