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Influencer fundraising

Let influencers speak for your cause!

A campaign with an influencer can generate impressive results and engagement from a wider audience.How to get started

How NGOs can do influencer fundraising with our tools

The unique Target Aid solution toolbox provides you with hundreds of innovative and easy-to-use features.
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Be active on Target Aid to promote your cause

Being active on Target Aid enables influencers to identify you and your causes. You never know who can be your next ambassador.
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Let influencers raise funds for your cause

Our low-cost peer-to-peer fundraising capabilities enables influencers and ambassadors and to raise funds for your cause.
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Promote influencers' initiatives on Target Aid

Your impact profile is your identify on the Target Aid marketplace. Influencers can help to drive visitors and donations to your page.
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Embedded promotional tools

A few clicks to promote your causes in multiple channels. Posters, web banners, QR codes and widgets are created automatically.
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Engage an influencer in your fundraising event

Let an influencer choose cause and market your fundraising event on Target Aid. Attract an audience, sell tickets and enable donations.
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Share your influencers' impact stories

Write about your work with influencers and their passion about your projects and causes. Share it with your supporters!
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