Leksand, where it all began

Swedish Junior Hockey Podcast
Dahlin Hockey Pond.jpg

Growing up on a dairy farm just outside of Leksand, my first hockey memory was skating on the waste runoff pond with my two brothers (don't eat the yellow snow). Skates were of course bought at Allan's Sport. Not sure where my dad found the green JOFA VM helmets with matching chin protector since Leksand did not have green colors. As most kids we followed the team and when not attending the games, would listen to sport radio for goal updates.

Leksand Team.jpg

Wearing the blue and white will forever be a part of me and has played such a big part of who I am today. For those who know, a few well known players such as a first round draft pick in the NHL, a winner of Hakan Loob Trophy and also a European Champion Orienteering on the roster.