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Inspiration - Fundraisers

Have you decided you want to help make the world a better place, but don’t know if you should focus on the climate crisis, poverty, health etc.? The issues this world faces are simply too large for one individual to solve, but by focusing on targeted efforts might help bring you a step closer. Here are some brief, guiding tips on how to help you find where you can make a difference. 


1. Base it on a goal

The UN Sustainable Development Goals is one way to begin. There are 17 broad goals, divided into numerous targets, that the UN and its member states have identified as necessary to reach by 2030. If you feel like giving particular care to environmental issues, there are also the nine planetary boundaries, which might help you focus your efforts. 


2. Or – Go personal

Whether you are an individual or a company looking for inspiration, it is always good to go for something that hits close to home (and it makes it likelier for people to donate). If someone close to you has cancer or ALS, it might be a good idea to consider donating to charities focused on these issues, or setting up fundraisers for this purpose. Saving the world starts with saving one person. 


3. Or – Go local

The best way to get a feel of the effect you have on the world is by affecting it where you can see it. Let your heart guide you. Maybe you played football in a small, local team? Maybe there is a playground that you loved as a kid that needs renovation? Or maybe your company is very involved in the local community? There are plenty of local charities that need your help, be it homelessness, education, environment or sports.


4. And – Narrow it down

Although we would wish to, we can’t possibly care about everything all at once. That is why deciding on something close to your company values is of importance. If your company is in the textile business, then maybe focusing on clean water might be a choice (SDG #6), or if you have a publishing company you might consider focusing on education (SDG #4). This will not only make it more comprehensible, but will also engage your staff and customers.