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Inspiration - Fundraisers

Are you a teacher looking to engage your students, or are you a student with a passion to make a change in the world?


As a student, you can share causes you are passionate about on your social media, challenge your friends and/or classmates and make your fundraiser a concerted effort towards a specific goal. Or, you can simply challenge yourself to run a 5km run, climb a mountain, or anything else you would not normally do. Through the Target Aid platform, you can let your friends and classmates support you in your efforts to make that difference you always dreamed of making.



As a teacher. there are several ways in which you can arrange a successful fundraiser.

Create your own profile, at no cost, at Target Aid. Let your students take a vote on what they want to fundraise for -there is a wide variety of causes on the Target Aid platform. Have students create works of art and sell them at an auction for parents. Or, you can let your students baby-sit, do gardening, cleaning, in the neighbourhood and give the proceeds to the selected cause.